$6.59 / mo

$49 / year
  • No Ads
  • Thousands of new activities and games (not available on MrNussbaum.com)
  • All Answer sheets included
  • Make your own content and games
  • Bookmark and deploy activities to student dashboard
  • Navigate by calendar or by subject
  • Filter games and activities by subject, grade level, or resource type


$74.99 / mo

$899 / year
  • For all teachers in a single school
  • No Ads
  • Thousands of new activities and games (not available on MrNussbaum.com)
  • All Answer sheets included
  • Make your own content and games
  • Bookmark and deploy activities to student dashboard
  • Navigate by calendar or by subject
  • Filter games and activities by subject, grade level, or resource type


Why do we not offer free trials?

We don't offer free trials simply because there is so much on-demand downloadable material. For example, the site includes EVERY resource we currently sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. These alone retail for over $250 combined.

How can I create content?

So easily! Make your own interactive jeopardy games, tic-tac dough game (like the old game show), virtual board games, reading comprehension activities, cloze reading activities , and categorization games! Simply click “my content” choose the template and follow the prompts. You can start stop and save or do it all at once! Then, deploy to your students and your games will show up in the student dashboard.

How do my students log on?

They will simply click the "login" button and log in with the username and password you set. Distribute the user name and password for all of your students. They will not have individual accounts as this site does not collect student data.

What is the Student Dashboard?

The student dashboard is the place where pages selected by the teacher are available for his or her students. In this way, teachers can specify activities for students without their students having to navigate. When you find an activity you want your students to access, simply click "add to student dashboard." It will become available to your students immediately. You can delete them when they are no longer useful.

How do I find answer sheets?

Because we are constantly adding new activities, the answer sheet is always changing. Click “answer sheet” on the top of the page to access answers.

What kind of material can I find on this site?

You will find all of the material from mrnussbaum.com, plus thousands of additional materials not available on mrnussbaum.com. We specialize in creating both printable and online materials for kids ages 5-12. You'll find thousands of ready-to-use resources in math, language arts, science, social studies, sports, art, music, pop culture, and of course, hundreds of online, educational games.

How is the site different from MrNussbaum.com?

MrNussbaum.com caters more to teachers and homeschooling parents by putting them in control of an incredible library of instructional materials; whereas MrNussbaum.com is largely for students. MrN 365 requires a teacher subscription. Powerful filters allow you to find exactly what you are looking for. Preferred activities and games can be bookmarked or sent to the student dashboard where they become accessible to your students. You can make your own content such as Not Boring Jeopardy Games, Tic-Tac Dough Games, Virtual Board Games, Reading Comprehension exercises and much more! MrN 365 provides answers sheets to all relevant activities, additional large-document downloads, and best of all - access to thousands of activities unavailable on MrNussbaum.com.

How do I give students access?

Navigate to the upper right portion of any page and find your user name and icon. Click the "down" arrow" and select "student access." Simply type a username and a password (different from yours) and click submit. Then, distribute the credentials to your students to give them access. Students login in the same location that you login.

Can I pay by the month?

Yes! We now offer three-month, six-month, and annual subscription options.

Can I see student scores?

Currently our site does not collect or store student data. There are numerous personnel and security concerns for sites that collect student data. We are actively considering the best options for possibly adding this feature in the future.

Why did I not receive my confirmation e-mail?

It's difficult to pinpoint the reason. Sometimes, people type their e-mail address incorrectly in the form, or sometimes the e-mail may arrive in your spam folder. Still other times, people filter out e-mails from unknown e-mail addresses. We have found that about 85% of the time, our e-mail confirmation is received. In the event you register and don't receive an e-mail confirmation, contact me and I can send you a quick e-invoice to pay the subscription fee. I'll manually enable your account a few minutes after payment is received.

Can I pay with a Purchase Order?

Yes ! Simply attach it to an e-mail and send to mrnussbaumcom@gmail.com. I will send back the invoice promptly.

Why can't my students log in?

We find this often occurs for two reasons: 1.) User names and passwords must each be at least six characters. 2.) Each student should NOT have his or her own user name and password. The site is set up so that a teacher assigns a single user name and password to each class, not each student. Teachers can organize activities however he or she wishes within the students dashboard: by student, by subject, by class, or any other label.

How can I integrate this with Google Classroom?

We are in the process of making our reading comprehension exercises, writing prompts, and other printables available on Google Classroom. Right now over 100 of our reading comprehension passages and question sets can simply be copied to Google Classroom, where they can be used as assessments or data collection tools. We are working on making more available every day. Online games and some digital activities can be linked to in Google Classroom, but are not available to be edited.

How do I use selected activities in my Google Classroom and see data?

1. When you "copy" an activity from MrN 365 to Google Classroom, it will first appear in your Google Drive.  2. To deploy to your students, you'll need to be logged into your google account, and you'll need to go to classroom.google.com 3. In the classwork tab, click on the "create" button, and then on quiz assignment.  4. By default, you should see a "blank quiz" under the "add" and "create" buttons. Click the "x" on the far right side"  5. Add your own title and any instructions and then click the "add" button under the instructions. Select "Google Drive" and then select the activity you copied."  6. Select the class or students to send the activity to (on the right side).  7. Make sure "grade importing" is selected and click the "assign" button on the top right.  8. You should be able to see scores and performances from all of your students. 

Why do I get a blank page when trying to access a printable?

If you try to download a printable, and you see a gray box or a blank screen, simply right click on the space and select "reload frame." This almost always solves the problem.