MRN 365 is a subscription site. Users can register on a very limited basis for free, but to use the site's many features, an annual subscription fee is required. The following outlines payment terms for MRN 365

What is MRN 365?

MRN 365 is a subscription-based service for teachers, parents, and their students or children. Only school administrators, teachers, and students, can sign up for MRN 365.


Once a teacher or school subscription is purchased, the term begins immediately and terminates exactly one year from the time of purchase. Schools and parents are billed once per year and are NOT billed a monthly basis. Your subscription WILL automatically renew the same price unless it is cancelled. Users will receive e-mail notification prior to being re-billed. In the event your information changes, your credit card becomes invalid, or for any other reason, we are unable to process your payment, your acount may be suspended until rectification. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time in the "Manage Account" feature of the website.


MRN 365 allows full, no-questions asked refunds for up to THREE DAYS after purchase or renewal. Because the nature of the site allows for the download of much of our copyrighted intellectual property, refunds WILL NOT be granted after three days and partial refunds for account cancellations later in the subscription terms WILL NOT be granted.


MRN 365 uses as its 100 percent secure, third-party credit card processor. We do not and will not have any access to your credit card information. Fees to MRN 365 will appear as Nussbaum Education Network, LLC on your credit card statement.

Electronic Consent

Following paid registration, an e-mail will be sent to your address on record. Your payment e-mail will be used as your e-mail of record and we may send additional e-mails through the course of your subscription to that address. By registering for MRN 365, you consent that all communications regarding your account will be sent electronically. If you do not consent, please do not register for MRN 365.

Changes to Payment Terms

We reserve the right to make changes to our payment terms via postings on the MRN 365. We may also communicate these changes to previously registered and paid users via email. Changes to payment terms are effective the date in which they are posted, however, any prcie changes to current subscriptions will only become effective the first day of their next billing cycle.


While is monetized by third-party banner ads, there are no banner ads on MRN 365. Be informed however, that third-party ads may appear on videos from YouTube, National Geographic, or the History Channel embedded on MRN 365 pages. Such videos DO NOT auto-play, and must be initiated by the user. Embedded videos are provided to enhance and make more interactive the learning experience for students on the site.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at